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Keller Easterling, Disposition: “Spaces are rarely considered to possess disposition. A building, landscape or an interior might be described in terms of its appearance, geometrical composition or visual pattern. Spaces are considered to be objects or volumes, not actors with agency or temperament that might even be evaluated for, for instance, a quotient of aggression, submission, or exclusivity immanent in their arrangement.

(…) All of these are dispositions, tendencies, propensities, or properties that are interacting with other factors. The latent potential is expressed as a quotient of action that exists without the need for the actual movement or event. Disposition locates activity, not in movement, but in relationship or relative position. The physical objects in spatial arrangements and infrastructure, static as they may seem to be, possess agency. (…) Disposition, as the unfolding relationship between potentials, resists science and codification in favor of art or practice.”

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